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I Now seventeen years old i present you the best presents from my birthday : Spencer Black´s obscure life aaand a deers skull , an amazing present from my best friend . It now has his place of honor next to my bed ヽ(;▽;)ノ
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I Finally painted those little bowls i had - on a craft day with a friend .  I actually plan to plant mini cacti in those (`・ω・´)
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I Update on my “Wreck this Journal” ! Pretty happy with this page (●´∀`●)
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I Been a little busy the last weeks , sorry . I am currently working on something big but take kissing alpacas as an excuse please (シ_ _)シ 
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handwriting meme ! I was tagged by hugwartslife , thanks cutie ! (●´∀`●)
your name
your URL
your blog title
your favorite color
your crush
write something in all caps
favorite band
lucky number
favorite drink
tagg your buds ! 
anonymous-plunklove-pirate ; followhertowonderland ; da-vinci-creations ; zumkoeniggeboren ; cumber-hiddles ; teute-in-the-tardis  and everyone who wants to !
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I I´ve been spending a bit of time at this one , found it while looking at old photos i took during my time in Berlin and decided to work it a bit up in Ps .   Yes to old architecture ! (//. ω .)/
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I Made myself a cute dreamcatcher and it looks really good in my room - what a surprise ! (●´o`●)”“
If you are looking forward to also make your own one , have a look at this tutorial ( I Studio 34 Blog  ). It helped me to figure out the basics . ☆
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I Fastest embroidery so far , this cutie only needed a morning to get finished . Progress made ! ( . u . //)/
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" Real eyes realise real lies.”

Finally made my own one ! I like the quote so much . 
Kazuya I 17 years old I Germany

Hello dear! I am Kazuya ( . w . ) I´m in love with japanese street fashion and photography . I also like to draw . This blog is about my art , my photography, my ( sewing ) projects and my fashion .